Finding A Pet-Friendly Accommodation

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Embarking on the digital nomad journey with your pet can be immensely rewarding, but finding a pet-friendly accommodation to stay as a digital nomad with a pet requires some extra considerations. Here are tips to help you find pet-friendly accommodation.

Tips On Finding A Pet-Friendly Accommodation

1. Pet-Friendly Accommodation Platforms

  • Use accommodation platforms that specifically cater to pet owners. Websites like BringFido, Airbnb (with a pet-friendly filter), and (with a pet-friendly filter) allow you to search for pet-friendly options.

2. Check Pet Policies

  • Before booking, review the pet policies of the accommodation. Check for any restrictions, fees, or requirements. Some places may have size restrictions, breed limitations, or additional charges for pets.

3. Communicate In Advance

  • Reach out to hosts or property managers before booking to discuss your pet. Clear communication about your pet’s size, behavior, and any specific needs can help establish a positive rapport.

4. Co-Living Spaces For Pet Owners

  • Explore co-living spaces or communities that are explicitly pet-friendly. Some co-living spaces recognize the needs of digital nomads with pets and provide a supportive environment.

5. Extended-stay hotels

  • Consider extended-stay hotels, as some are pet-friendly and offer amenities suitable for longer stays. Verify the pet policy and inquire about any additional fees.

6. Pet-Friendly Rentals

  • Look for rentals that are specifically advertised as pet-friendly. Some landlords or property managers may be more accommodating to tenants with pets.

7. Verify Local Regulations

  • Understand the local regulations regarding pets in the destination. Some cities or neighborhoods may have specific rules or restrictions related to pets.

8. Local Pet Communities

  • Connect with local pet communities or forums in the destination. Local pet owners may provide insights into pet-friendly neighborhoods and accommodations.

9. Pet-Friendly Apps

  • Utilize pet-friendly apps or websites that offer information on pet-friendly places, parks, and services in the area. These resources can help you find a welcoming environment for your pet.

10. Negotiate Terms

  • If you find a suitable place but are concerned about the pet policy, consider negotiating with the host or landlord. Some may be open to discussions, especially if you have a well-behaved pet.

11. Pet Deposit

  • Be prepared to provide a pet deposit. Some accommodations may require a refundable deposit to cover potential damages or additional cleaning expenses.

12. Vet Recommendations

  • Consult with a local veterinarian or pet service provider for recommendations on pet-friendly accommodations. They may be aware of places that are particularly welcoming to pets.

13. Check For Outdoor Spaces

  • Prioritize accommodations with nearby outdoor spaces or parks where your pet can exercise and play. Consider the suitability of the surroundings for your pet’s comfort.

14. Pet-Friendly Amenities

  • Look for accommodations with pet-friendly amenities such as pet beds, food bowls, and designated pet areas. These features indicate a commitment to welcoming pets.

15. Check For Nearby Pet Services

  • Ensure that there are nearby pet services such as veterinary clinics, pet stores, and grooming facilities. Having access to these services can be convenient for pet owners.

16. Reviews From Pet Owners

  • Read reviews from other pet owners who have stayed at the accommodation. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the pet-friendliness of the place.

17. Local Pet-Friendly Establishments

  • Look for pet-friendly cafes, restaurants, and parks in the area. A pet-friendly community can enhance your overall experience as a digital nomad with a pet.

18. Verify Emergency Services

  • Check the availability of nearby veterinary clinics and emergency pet services. Being prepared for any unforeseen circumstances ensures the well-being of your pet during your stay.

19. Plan Pet-Friendly Activities

  • Consider the availability of pet-friendly activities in the area. Engaging in pet-friendly excursions can enrich both your and your pet’s experience in the destination.

20. Local Pet Communities

  • Connect with local pet communities or forums. Other pet owners can provide recommendations on pet-friendly establishments and share their experiences as digital nomads with pets.

21. Plan Ahead

  • Plan your accommodation well in advance, especially when traveling with a pet. This allows you to explore more options and secure a pet-friendly place that meets your needs.

By following these tips, you can navigate the process of finding pet-friendly accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both you and your pet. Remember that open communication, thorough research, and a proactive approach are key to a successful pet-friendly nomadic lifestyle. Also, be transparent about your pet when communicating with hosts or landlords. Providing information about your pet’s behavior and any training they have undergone can help build trust and increase your chances of finding a suitable and welcoming place for both you and your pet.


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